FM 107 Urdu Radio is a part of Qatar Media Corporation (QMC), which is the official broadcasting authority for the State of Qatar.
The station broadcasts content in Urdu and Hindi for the expatriate community ( India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal) from the Indian subcontinent residing in Qatar.
Apart from FM 107, several televisions and radio networks are run by QMC, including Qatar TV, Al Kass Sports Channels, the Qatar Broadcasting Service (QBS) radio station, and many others.
Starting from one-hour airtime in 1980 with just two RJs and gradually expanding, FM 107 Qatar now has 24/7 service with extremely popular programmes.

Qatar Media Corporation (QMC)

As a corporation, QMC was established in 2009 to oversee media services in numerous TV and Radio channels that include: Qatar TV Channel, Alkass Sports Channels, Qatar Radio, Quraan Kareem Radio, QBS Radio, Oryx FM Radio, Hola Qatar, and Sout Al Khaleej Radio. Equipped with the slogan "keeping up with what's new and to our values we commit" and a media orientation that serves the ends of Qatar National Vision 2030, QMC vigorously pursues the latest developments in media updates & technologies in the third millennium with media content that accommodates development and preserves the culture and identity of the state and its community.