Wake Up

Presenter: RJ Ved

Sunday to Thursday, 6 AM to 9 AM

Get your mornings off to a sensational start as we bring you the perfect blend of lively music and positive energy. 

Tune in to us every morning for local news, entertaining chat, and the latest happenings around town.

Eid Mubarak

Presenter: RJ Samia & RJ Kabir

16-19 June, 7AM-9AM

Join RJ Samia & RJ Kabir for ‘Eid Mubarak’ from 7 AM to 9 AM during the first 4 days of Eid

Happy Eid

Presenter: RJ Safa

16-19 June, 1PM-2PM

Join RJ Safa for ‘Happy Eid’ from 1 PM to 2 PM during the first four days of Eid. Enjoy fun interactions and win exciting cash prizes

Dear Zindagi

Presenter: RJ Mahwash Khan

Sunday to Thursday, 10 AM - 11 AM

RJ Mahwash’s new show, "Dear Zindagi" is here to help you live an amazing life! Join us every Sunday to Thursday, 10 AM to 11 AM on FM 107, and we will bring you the best of everything: Family, Parenting, Health, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, and more.

Eid Nights

Presenter: RJ Ved, Amita & Sarwar

16-19 June, 5-7:30PM

Join us for the ultimate Eid celebration on the ‘Eid Nights’ radio show from 5 PM to 7:30 PM during the first 4 days of Eid. Music, festivities, and exciting gifts guaranteed

Break Ke Baad

Presenter: RJ Nazia & RJ Fazeel

Sunday to Thursday, 11 AM - 1 PM

Break Ke Baad is a show that bridges afternoons to evenings with entertainment. This duo hits the right cord when it comes to engaging listeners from every walk of life. There are various segments which are ready to reach out to every stereo set in Qatar with smile.

Labbaik Allahuma Labbaik

Presenter: RJ Obaid Tahir, Saif Ur Rehman & Talha Ashraf

15 June, 8AM - 5PM

Join us for a special Arafah Day show, "Labbaik Allahuma Labbaik," only on FM 107 Qatar. Tune in and embrace the spirit of this sacred day with us.

Kids Show

Presenter: RJ Safa

Sunday-Thursday, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Join us every Sunday to Thursday at 1:30 PM for a delightful kids' show with captivating stories, interactive games, toe-tapping tunes, and endless giggles, hosted by the ever-joyful RJ Safa. 

Hajj Baitullah

Presenter: RJ Kabir, Mahwash & Talha Ashraf

7-14 June, 3PM-4PM

Hajj Baitullah

The Request Show

Presenter: RJ Amita

Sunday - Thursday, 4PM - 5PM

The Request Show with A For Amita

REQUEST Show….. a NEW fun and interactive show where RJ Amita takes listeners song requests and dedications and also updates her listeners with latest Filmy Gossips, News and Trivias.


Presenter: RJ Mahmood Ahmed

7-15 June, 7 45PM


Drive Thru

Presenter: RJ Ved

Sunday to Thursday, 5 PM to 7:30 PM

Get ready to dive into a world of happy hits and melodies as we take you on a musical joyride on your ultimate evening show, "Drive Thru".

This light-spirited fun show with the right doses of laughter, wit, and information that gives you an update of all the major events & happenings in the country.

Police Aur Awaam

Presenter: RJ Obaid Tahir

, 8 PM

'Police aur Awaam’ gives information on the general rules and regulations in Qatar. A convenient way to learn about the new laws put in place, and to get a clarification on them through our presenter, RJ Obaid Tahir. He is accompanied on the show by an expert from the Ministry who discusses the laws, rules, regulations and various codes of conduct and our presenter explains them in Urdu for the ease of the general public.

Qatar 2024

Presenter: RJ Ved

Every Tuesday, 7:42 PM

Qatar 2024 is based on updates around major events and happenings in Qatar.

Arbi-urdu Bol Chal

Presenter: RJ Talha Ashraf

Sunday, 3PM

Listen to interesting jokes, frequent vocabularies, and various idioms in Arabic-Urdu colloquial language with RJ Talha Ashraf Al-Zaman every Sunday afternoon, from 3 pm.

Health Guide

Presenter: Dr Fouzia Shafiq

, 8 PM

'Health Guide' is a great way to keep a check on our health and understand well in advance how to take precautionary measures. Joined by an expert from the medical fraternity, Dr. Fouzia takes you through issues related to health, and tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Presenter: RJ Saif Ur Rehman

, 9 PM - 10 PM

Noor - E -Islam is your one-stop for all your Islamic queries where our senior presenter, Saif Ur Rahman is accompanied by an Islamic speaker who tackles the question from the general public regarding misconceptions they have about Islam.

Play It Loud

Presenter: RJ Ved

Thursday, 8 PM to 12 AM

Weekends could not be better but for that one show that gives you a total club feel. From the latest rocking chartbusters to remixed desi thumkass and electrifying beats to all the latest part music we play it all on 'Play it loud'. So when the weekend strikes, get into your grooves, pop up the volume and keep swaying to our desi and western beats all with Rj/DJ Ved, Thursday 8 PM till midnight.

Why Did I Accept Islam

Presenter: RJ Samia

Friday, 11 45 AM

A collection of enlightening, and inspiring stories of converts to Islam.

Shakar E Alam

Presenter: RJ Mahmoud Ahmed

Monday, 3 PM

Shakar E Alam

Weekend Gup Shup

Presenter: RJ Sarwar

Friday & Saturday, 5 PM - 7:30 PM

Weekend Gup Shup is a chat show cum listener integrated show that features entertainment on the lighter side of the weekend. This show is a weekend special, where Sarwar and Samia will have segments that are out and out entertaining and engaging.

Mash-hur Qurra

Presenter: RJ Talha Ashraf

Friday, 7 45PM

Mash-hur Qurra by RJ Talha Ashraf.

Tech Show

Presenter: RJ Kabir

Monday, 7:40 PM

To learn more about the latest innovation, gadgets, and devices, tune into ‘Tech Show' with RJ Kabir on Monday at 7:40 PM.


Presenter: RJ Mahwash

, 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Starstruck is a celebrity based interview show, where Mahwash talks with celebrities based on their life experience, hobbies and others.

Khayal Apna Apna

Presenter: RJ Ayesha Mujahid

, 8 PM - 9 PM

Each individuals perspective about life, society, and different social issues is valuable. Every week, a new topic is shared with the listeners, and then a variety of people share a wide range of thoughts on it. The aim is to let people appreciate different points of view about the topic and to bring optimistic change in the mindset of society.

Sports Round Up

Presenter: Mohammad Amin

Wednesday, 7 45 PM

Catch "Sports Round Up" with Mohammad Amin for the latest in sports news and insights. Join the conversation as we dive into scores, highlights, and player interviews, all in one dynamic show.

Review of the week

Presenter: RJ Amita

Wednesday, 3PM

To all Filmy buffs, Review of the Week with A for Amita is your one-stop show for all cinema updates. 

Each week, we bring the reviews of latest releases, from big-budget blockbusters to hidden indie gems. 

So get ready for a blockbuster movie review!


Presenter: RJ Ayesha Mujahid & RJ Talha Ashraf

Every Tuesday, 3 PM to 3:30 PM

Iqra'a is a show that takes you to the vast world of books. The show will have an in-depth discussion of books of various catergories such as history, islamic, life, generic etc. Iqra'a will be like an audio library for listeners on air with an add-on discussion & review which will be interactive and healthy for readers and audio book listeners across.


Presenter: RJ Amin

Every Thursday
, 7: 42 PM

Cricketers ki shandaar performances say lekar controversies tak,  Cricket field kay kuch dilchasp aur yaadgar palon ko, lekar aa rahay hain, hamare sports journalist Mohammad Amin, cricket fans kay liye haftawar program, Howzat. 

Top 10

Presenter: RJ Amita

, 3PM - 4PM

From Party Hits to Record Breaking Anthems, FM 107 Top 10 is ready to take you on a of musical ride with your A for Amita.